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Tahayyül Gençliği Buluşmaları


Tahayyül Akademi Yozgat Ekibi bugün Gençlik Merkezinde buluştu. Genel Koordinatörümüz Gülsüm Baran’ın ‘’Gençler ve Kitaplar’' başlıklı söyleşisi ile başlayan buluşma,  Abdulnasir Kımışoğlu’nun ‘’Kitap Medeniyeti’’ kitabının analizi ile devam etti. Bu anlamlı söyleşi, alimlerin imamı Muaz bin Cebel'in hayatı ile taçlandırıldı.

Hoş muhabbetin ardından heyecan dolu Kahoot yarışması düzenlendi ve yarışma birincisi Merve Nazlı'ya ödül verildi. Kitap muhibbilerinin buluştuğu bu eşsiz program Tahayyül Gençleri ile mana kazandı.

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Gift of "Geçerken" Magazine from Tahayyül Academy to its Members

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As Tahayyül Gençleri, we were reading a lot and benefiting greatly from Geçerken Magazine, which was published by Diyanet Publications specifically for young people. As you might think, this valuable work is not only in fields such as the Quran, fiqh, sunnah, kalam, tafsir; It has also achieved a very good level of success in fields such as literature, poetry, books, artists, country promotions, countries and their cultures. 
Passing Magazine and the valuable management of the magazine introduced Tahayyül Youth to this radical work and presented each Tahayyül Youth with an issue of the magazine. As the Youth of Imagination, we would like to express that we will read with full appreciation of this gift. 
We would like to thank the management team of Geçerken Magazine  

Tahayyül Academy Ramadan Program Meal Readings

Thank God, we had the chance to experience Ramadan this year too. We intended to spend Ramadan 1444 with the Holy Quran. We recite the meaning of a surah every week with Tahayyül Academy Youth, and then we chat a lot about this sura.
In these days, which is the first week of Ramadan, we read our first surah."Surah al-Fajr"We determined it as . If we have the chance, we will read the meaning of Surah Fajr and talk about it. 
With your permissionSurah Fajr We would like to share it with you, our valued readers.

 In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Merciful
1. I swear by the dawn.
2. I swear by ten nights.
3. By the even and the odd.
4. I swear by the passing night (that the polytheists will be tormented).
5. Undoubtedly, there is something in these that is worth swearing by for a wise person.
6,7,8,9,10. (O Muhammad!) You have not seen what your Lord did to Ad (the people of Hud), to Iram full of pillars, the like of which was not built among cities, to Thamud (the people of Salih), who carved out the rocks in the valley, and to Pharaoh, the owner of stakes. ?
11,12. These were people who were rampant in the cities and caused much mischief there.
13. So your Lord rained down on them scourges of torment.
14. Surely your Lord is watching over you.
15. If human; When his Lord tests him and treats him with kindness and gives him abundant blessings, he says, "My Lord has been generous to me."

Tahayyül Academy Members Met with Writer Fatih DUMAN

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Tahayyül Akademi, "March Book Reading Winner""Book Civilization" Book Gift

imagination academy book civilization_edited.jpg
imagination academy fecr.jpg

Fatih Duman, General Director of Nesil Publishing and a valuable writer whose books are widely read, met with Tahayyül Gençleri. Our Founder Gulsum Baran In the analysis moderated by Gülsüm Baran, while introducing the Youth of Imagination:"We are a bunch of troubled young people. Our aim is to read the word of our Lord and bring it to life.” While expressing it as follows, the expression "Troubled Young" must have caught the attention of our author, and it reminded us that we should always have troubles, that those who are carefree will perish, and that those who are troubled will, with their efforts, become the heroes of Aziz Mahmud Hüdayis, Ahmed Yesevis, Somuncu Baba. He said he would raise 's.

This month's book selection of Tahayyül Youth was the author's book "ENE". The book was highly appreciated by the community. At this meeting, I had the chance to hear the book from its author. The author explained with what trouble, cause and dream he started writing this book. Participation in the interview of the author, who also inspired Tahayyül Youth, was intense. At the end of the interview, esteemed author Fatih Duman made a kind gesture to Tahayyül Youth and presented his latest book, "HEYBE", to all Tahayyül Academy members by signing it.


We would like to thank esteemed writer Fatih Duman for his pleasant conversation.
Thank you for your pen and heart.

With Tahayyül Academy Youth, we choose a book every month, read and analyze that book together. This month, Abdulnasir Kımışoğlu's''Civilization of the Book'' We intended to read and analyze his book. We recommend this valuable work to everyone, especially to you, our valued readers. 

The book is primarily about the word. Then, pen, reading, writing and book titles were discussed respectively.  While reading the book, you will have the opportunity to expand your horizons and add dozens of new words to your vocabulary that you do not know the meaning of. You can be sure that your perspective and contemplation on literature will increase thanks to this book. 

And with your permission, let's get to our main topic. 
Our teacher Abdulnasir Kımışoğlu, the valuable author of the book, presented the book "Book Civilization" as a signed gift to the first of the Tahayyül Academy Youth in March. 
Thank God, the success of Tahayyül Academy Youngsters improves as they read. We would like to express our gratitude to Abdulnasir Kımışoğlu for this valuable gift.  
With greetings and prayers.

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